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Dead Island

Send your mates to LA for a zombie cocktail fuelled party in your honour! A wake to end all wakes!

To celebrate the launch of Dead Island 2 (a First Person Action RPG set in a hellish, yet stylish, gore-drenched vision of LA, nicknamed HELL-A) we have created an awesome new Deathwish. Send your mates to the real LA for a zombie cocktail fuelled party before it goes to hell! A wake to end all wakes, in your honour. This Deathwish will also cover your funeral expenses so there are no un-wanted comebacks! After all, we should all die responsibly. Create your Deathwish and share with your mates so they know what you really want to happen when you die. Note: All of our Deathwishes are exactly that - wishes only. We can’t force anyone to activate them (legally), but at least they know what you want in life (and death).

This Deathwish has a price of £8,000 which will be added to your plan.